Hi everyone. We're sorry to announce that the development of Age of Resurgence has been suspended for the time being.

We always knew this was an ambitious project, but we think its for the best to put it on hold.  We are really proud with all the hard work and passion we put into the game, feel free to check out the greenlight page.  In the meantime, we have started working on a new project that we will be announcing very soon.

Set in a new and vibrant fantasy world, Age of Resurgence is a real-time strategy game which focuses on presenting classic RTS gameplay while reintroducing the importance of the player as the commander of its forces. 

To do this, we hit the basics first. The game will feature four distinct factions, each one with its own tech-tree, exclusive units, awesome unit spells, and particular gameplay style. As the player, you will have to gather resources, build a base, and produce an army to defeat your opponents. We've also designed five unique fantasy environments for our players to explore...carefully, for each environment is wild and full of threats. Use these threats to further outwit your opponents. 

Additionally, there will be neutral objectives throughout the maps called Effluxes which can be controlled by players. These effluxes will help the player's in-game avatar perform various abilities chosen on the player's own desired play style. Whether you prefer to turtle up to advance in the tech tree faster, or rush your opponent as early as possible, your commander's abilities will help your playstyle. 

Game Features

4 different factions
More that 50 units
Tons of unit spells and upgrades
Commander Abilities
Neutral control points (Effluxes) 
Story Campaign
Online Multiplayer
AI Opponents
8 Skirmish Maps

If you're a RTS fan, want classic gameplay and a focus on you as a player, Age of Resurgence is for you!

Check out our Greenlight!